A global challenge facing post-harvesting storage is

increasing the quality and timeline of stored goods.

Creating ideal storage conditions comes with a hefty price

tag for cold storage facilities and the extensive use of

pesticides that leave harmful chemical residue. Failure to

ensure proper storage conditions can trigger various disease

epidemics and/or break vegetable root dormancy that

eventually leads to vigorous sprouting. Pimi Marion's

solutions to this complex problem are cost effective,

environmentally friendly and residue free.


  • Pimi's product reduces storage related diseases and helps control sprouting during prolonged storage periods
  • The product performs in high humidity conditions which improve quality and prevent shrinkage of stored vegetables
  • The product promotes healthy storage conditions at higher temperatures (10-12oC), significantly reducing energy costs
  • The application method is fully automated and requires no user intervention
  • A biodegradable solution, it enables repeated use of storage rooms for different purposes



  • Offers a residue-free, environmentally friendly alternative to chemical pesticides and/or other expensive non-chemical methods (low temperature, irradiation)
  • Controls a wide range of storage related diseases in stored crops
  • Protects your valuable crops from deterioration in quality and shrinkage
  • Provides optimal environment for maintaining low sugar levels in all potato and sweet potato varieties, as well as in onions, cabbage and carrots


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