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At Pimi Marion, we have spent almost two decades researching and developing unparalleled formulations. We offer the Agro Business fresh, innovative solutions backed by patented, proven processes that utilize environmentally friendly applications.


Potato Seed Disinfection

In the field of Potato Seed Disinfection, our years of research have lead to the development of

a Seed Extra Care Program that completes the cycle beginning from harvest through storage and culminating in planting. When the seed program is combined with our unique pre-planting

treatment, it provides a value added effect by directly enhancing potato yield.


Controlling and Reducing Storage Disease

Disease control is a major issue when it comes to storage of post harvest fruits and vegetables.

In order to break the contamination chain, we have developed a comprehensive approach to phytosanitary treatments within the cold storage room, facility and equipment.

One of the global challenges currently facing potato cold storage is being able to store potatoes for periods of 6 to 10 months while maintaining high relative humidity to prevent weight loss. Another challenge is storing potatoes in higher temperatures (10-12c) for reducing energy costs and maintaining low sugar levels. A further crucial issue is maintaining a gas balance with low levels

of CO2 and high oxygen levels that help potatoes to respirate more easily - thus reducing

stress and the risk of Black Heart development in the potato core.


Enhancing Storage Conditions

Creating ideal storage conditions usually comes with a hefty price tag as they can also promote epidemics of various diseases and break potato dormancy, which eventually causes vigorous sprouting. As an integral part of our vision, we have undertaken to solve this extremely complex

task and take it one step further by integrating our core values to solve storage challenges in an ecological and residue free manner.

As a result, we developed a unique protocol that delivers a complete solution to all these conflicting aspects. It requires our technology and all of our applications to perform at extra high relative humidity, which promotes quality and prevents quantity loss, while our formulations reduce storage diseases and help control sprouting during storage. This solution enables repeated storage room usage after application, while cost-effective automation ensures no user intervention during the application process.


Shelf-Life Extension

Two major factors contribute to the deterioration of post harvest fruit and vegetables. One is the physiological element that shows itself through time as internal enzymatic activity that leads to deterioration and collapsing of crop tissues. The second is microbial processes carried by fungi,

yeasts, molds, viruses and bacteria that thrive on crop tissues.

Our approach to prolonging fruit and vegetable shelf life is to take care of the entire spectrum of crop skin diseases and to induce overall conditions that enhance crop immune systems while helping them to fight internal infections. This holistic approach slows aging processes and contributes to vivid looking fruits and vegetables that last longer on supermarket shelves and in customer homes.


Partners for the Road

By harnessing the advanced Fogging Technology of Ultrasonic drop lets and special distribution method developed by Levy , our solution is capable of distributing a lower than 10 micron droplet cloud in the cold storage room. Thanks to this ultrasonic droplet diameter and the working method, we are able to generate Dry Fog, a highly effective vehicle for distributing our Storage Protocol. Ultrasonic droplets and Levy distribution method carrying our Storage protocol to penetrate even

the tiniest gaps in a potato pile. Added benefit comes with the ability to raise relative humidity to

a record-breaking level of 99% without having to fear the usually devastating effects of a Condensation Event. As the system is fully automated, it enables a cost-effective solution that

saves our clients many hours of labor and minimizes overall user intervention.




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