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At Pimi Marion, we are committed to delivering green solutions that utilize only Agro Clean Technologies. Current Agro Chemicals on the market belong to an era where Non Residue principals were not yet envisioned as a critical health issue. Today, the residues from chemicals is a driving force for plant protection agencies and a major global concern for Consumer Quality Assurance in restricting or completely banning such products. In contrast, our Agro Clean Technologies are specifically designed to leave no harmful residues in the environment.


Agro Clean Technologies create a domino effect of benefits that spreads throughout our products' life cycle, beginning with Clean Manufacturing (no effluents, no emissions, no hazards to environment, and optimized low energy consumption) through Non Residue Application in or on the treated crops and the environment.


At Pimi Marion, we deliver innovative solutions to traditional issues in the fields of Ecology, Agro Chemistry, and the Environment. Our Agro Clean Technologies are derived from a holistic approach through which we strive to bridge the balance between humanity and the surrounding environment. We are committed to developing ecological solutions that eventually decompose oxygen and water back to nature while leaving crops or the environment treated, yet unharmed by chemical residues.



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