Shelf Life


Storage duration is the most important factor

contributing to the deterioration of fruits and

vegetables for the following reasons:

  • Physiological changes and the resurgence of enzymatic activity become unavoidable during prolonged storage periods which in turn lead to crop tissue deterioration and damage
  • Various microbes such as fungi, yeasts, molds, viruses and bacteria tend to thrive in a long term static storage conditions


Our company's approach to extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables is to take care of the entire spectrum of crop skin diseases and create conditions that boost crop immune systems in fighting internal infections. This holistic approach slows aging processes and contributes to vibrant looking fruits and vegetables that last longer on supermarket shelves and in consumers' homes.   



  • Controls the entire skin disease spectrum
  • Boosts crop immune systems in fighting internal infections
  • Ensures vibrant looking fruits and vegetables for longer shelf-life in supermarkets and customer homes


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All Pimi Marion's products offer residue free,


environmentally friendly solutions born out of


 our profound commitment to environment




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