Pimi Agro Announces Successful Trial Results of SweetGuardTM in the Treatment of Sweet Potatoes



Kibutz Alonim, Israel, January 15, 2010, Pimi Agro Cleantech, Inc. today announced that it has completed its first commercial trial utilizing SweetGuardTM in the treatment of sweet potatoes. Similar to Pimi's SpuDefenderTM, StoreGuardTM and SeedGuardTM patented technologies, SweetGuardTM is aimed at preventing the decay of sweet potatoes which may occur during storage and prior to packing and distribution.


Pimi developed SweetGuardTM in order to reduce losses from the micro flora and contamination which may occur during the storage of sweet potatoes. According to market data sweet potatoes can suffer up to 40 percent yield loss during storage


Pimi's CEO Youval Saly commented: "We are very pleased with these successful trial results. We believe that this opens a potential market for us for the treatment of sweet potatoes, which was not part of our initial line of business. According to the United States Sweet Potato Council, the US produces approximately 1.8 billion pounds of sweet potatoes a year, with an average crop value of $400 million. Our goal here is to save farmers in this market approximately five to ten percent in crop loss each year through the use of SweetGuardTM". Pimi's proprietary CleanTech approach also means that there is less exposure to harmful chemicals which is good news for consumers".


The trials were carried out in two cooperative farms, with two separate packing houses that export sweet potatoes from Israel to Europe. In these trials, SweetGuardTM demonstrated efficacy in various areas of post-harvest treatment, including significantly reducing the sweet potato decay in storage, reducing the fungal and bacterial population in the atmosphere of the storage room, increasing the quality of the roots and decreasing root decay, and increasing the appearance of the crop.


As a result of these trials, the two cooperative farms have decided to include SweetGuardTM in their regular working program for the crop season beginning in the summer of 2010.


About the Company:

Pimi Agro CleanTech, was established in 2004 with the vision of developing environment-friendly (organic) alternative solutions to current chemical treatments of agricultural harvest, such as fruits, vegetables and grains, thus improving the well being of consumers, growers and the environment in general.

Pimi has invested years of research in developing eco-friendly solutions for pre and post harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables.

The company's technology platform is based on a unique formulation of Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide (STHP) and benefits from a world wide patent protection, 16 granted patents (3 in the US) and 23 pending Patents, filed in 35 different countries and the European Union.

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