Pimi Agro Announces Successful Trial Results of SeedGuardTM in the storage of Narcissus bulbs


Kibutz Alonim, Israel, November 17, 2009, Pimi Agro Cleantech, Inc. completed its first commercial trial utilizing SeedGuardTM in the storage of Narcissus bulbs, otherwise known as Daffodils. Daffodils are often regarded as one of the most beloved ornamental bulb flowers worldwide, however diseases are major limiting factors of Narcissus bulb's production, which can reduce flower quantity and quality.


The trials were carried out in two different locations, with two separate growers, and demonstrated successful results. Specifically, SeedGuardTM applied to Narcissus bulbs prior to storage reduced Fusarium basal rot by 70% and 50% in locations 1 and 2, respectively. Following the application of SeedGuardTM, more bulbs were recorded healthy than diseased. The results of this study points out the potential of SeedGuardTM in reducing bulb disease of Narcissus.


Pimi's management believes that the successful trial results will open a new area of activity for the company, which was not previously within its scope of business.


About the Company:

Pimi is engaged in developing eco-friendly solutions for pre- and post-harvest treatments of fruits and vegetables, increasing shelf-life and storability. Established in 2004, the company's technology platform is based on a unique formulation and benefits from a world wide patent protection, 16 granted patents (3 in the US) and 23 pending Patents, filed in 35 different countries. Growing consumer awareness and environmental organizations are putting increased pressure on leading manufacturers as well as supermarket chains to offer products that are healthy, safe, and free of any chemical residue. To date, the Company is developing three products and has started the commercialization of two of its products: SpuDefenderTM and StoreGuardTM.

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